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Pump Belt Instructions

Could you please instruct me how to change the pump belt of my Powersteamer/Pro/ProHeat/ProTech Upright Deep Cleaner?

ANSWER:  To replace the pump belt:

You will need both a flat head and a Phillips head screwdriver.

1. Turn the machine OFF and unplug from the wall outlet.

2. Step on the release pedal to lay the handle down on the floor.

3. Remove the Tank-in-Tank and SmartMix Bottle and set them aside.

4. Turn the machine over so that the brush is facing the ceiling.

5. The brush roll is held in place by two black brush arms, which are secured by two red plastic retainers, which in turn are held in place with two Phillips head screws. Remove these parts and set them aside.

6. Turn the machine right side up (still reclined) and find the Belt Access Door next to the ReadyTools switch.

7. Insert the flat head screwdriver into the slot nearest to the handle and gently pop the door off.

8. Locate and remove the broken Pump Belt inside the machine housing.

9. To install the replacement belt, (smooth belt) loop it around the red pulley end in the third slot. There is a space between the pulley end and the machine sidewall, although it is difficult to see.

10. Stretch the flat Pump Belt up and around the silver motor shaft. DO NOT turn or twist the belt.

11. Replace the Belt Access Door so that the edges align with the housing. Snap into place.

12. Turn the machine over, still reclined, to reinstall the parts you set aside in step 5.

13. Loop the Brush Belt around the brush end and the red pulley with the ridges.

14. Holding the black brush arms in place at each end of the brush dowel, replace the red retainers.

15. Replace the Phillips head screws and turn until snug.

16. Turn the machine right-side-up to replace the Tank-in-Tank and SmartMix Bottle.

For more information, please contact a BISSELL Consumer Services Representative by calling 1800 811 183 or australiacustomerservice@bissell.com.