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Cleaning your rugs or upholstery

Can I use the BISSELL Products on my rug or upholstery?

ANSWER:  Please read the label on the back of the rug or upholstery. This label should give the care instructions for cleaning. If the label shows an S or Dry Clean Only, do not use a deep cleaner or BISSELL products on the rug or upholstery. If the label shows a W or W/S, a deep cleaner and BISSELL products can be used.

If the rug label indicates water based products should be used for cleaning, the BISSELL cleaning products should not harm the rug. Be sure to first test in an inconspicuous area to determine colorfastness. Also, be sure to use a fan to expedite drying.

For more information, please contact a BISSELL Consumer Services Representative by calling 1800 811 183 or australiacustomerservice@bissell.com.