2X Multi-Allergen Formula with Scotchgard Protection - 709 mL

2X Multi Allergen Formula
(709 mL)

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Helps to remove multiple allergens such as dust mite waste, pet and pollen allergen

This machine formula is specially formulated for allergy sufferers. The cleaning action of our 2X Multi-Allergen formula helps clean and remove dust mite waste allergen, pet and pollen allergens. It also contains Scotchgard protector that resists dirt and stains.

  • Deep cleans, and resists dirt and stains with Scotchgard™ protector
  • Safe for all full sized carpet shampooers
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Model #89Q5E
Size2X Multi Allergen Formula
(709 mL)
Cleaning Area42 - 70 sq m or 2-3 average size rooms