Welcome to BISSELL's College of Clean!

Our goal is to provide you with a complete education on cleaning your home - from deep cleaners for carpet cleaning to vacuums. We are here to provide you with the necessary information and guidance to go forth and clean your home with confidence.

We know that you are up to the task, but remember, we are here to help. If you require any tutoring from our highly educated staff of professionals regarding cleaning products, please don't hesitate to contact us; just click here.

Vacuuming 101

An introductory course on how vacuums are developed, which vacuums are best for your use, and how to take care of the one you own. click here

Deep Cleaning 101

An introductory course on choosing from among deep cleaners, deep carpet cleaning frequently asked questions, and step-by-step instructions on how to deep clean. click here

Hard Floors 101

Unsure how to safely clean your home's hard floors? This course will answer your questions on how to keep your floors beautiful. click here

Organization 101

Are you lost in a sea of clutter? This course will provide tips and ideas to get your life and home organized. click here

Cleaning 101

Are you looking for ways to keep your home clean without too much time? This course will give you tips on making your home (and car) shine! click here

Visual Learning

Tips and ideas are made simple here with videos to explain them in depth! click here